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Using an iPad can give you Neck and Shoulder Pain

Using an iPad can give you Neck and Shoulder Pain

The iPad has had an incredible impact on how people stay connected and entertain themselves, but it’s important to be aware of the potential chronic neck pain or headaches that can result from extended use.

At our clinic we’ve witnessed a rise in patients experiencing soreness, tension, and cervicogenic headaches due to looking down at their tablets for hours with a head forward posture. This places a lot of pressure on the discs and joints of the spine as well as strain on surrounding muscles and ligaments which can lead to long-term neck issues.

To reduce the risk of back, neck and shoulder pain associated with tablet use, we recommend avoid sitting with your wireless device on your lap. Instead use a couple of cushions to elevate the iPad when sitting on the sofa or opt for a raised surface with an external keyboard. These positions place less stress on muscles as well as discs and ligaments over time – resulting in improved comfort while using tablets like iPads.

Remember preventing is better than cure!

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