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The Elderly and the Benefits of Chiropractic Care

One thing in life is certain – we will all AGE.

Recently we have all heard “60 is the new 50”, “70 is the new 60”, etc. being talked about by the media and this is certainly true as people are taking more care of themselves and adopting lifestyle choices to ensure that they go into retirement and beyond in the best possible shape.

Believing that ‘aches’ and ‘pains’ are an inevitable part of growing old may now no longer the case. Putting up with the discomfort from aching limbs and joints is not acceptable and many elderly people want retirement to be an active and enjoyable part of their lives. They want to be pain free with greater mobility thus being able to continue to do the hobbies (or try new ones) that they did before.

Factors such as regular exercise, positivity, stimulation and good diet will all benefit an enjoyable (and long) retirement and greater and greater numbers of elderly people are realising the benefit of regular chiropractic care to aid them with this.

A lot of elderly people are no longer looking for prescriptive care with the side effects that can sometimes come from using drugs. They know that there may be an alternative to a hand full of tablets every day. They want to be able to do whatever and go wherever they want for as long as possible without the hindrance of walking sticks or frames.

Older people are consulting their chiropractor regularly on the impact aging can have on their bodies. They are well aware that their chiropractor can advise and help preserve the health of their back and other joints, as well give advice on diet, what supplements might be beneficial, ergonomics, exercises etc.

Join the growing ‘switched on’ generation enjoying a higher quality of life in retirement and have a word with your chiropractor and you too may be dancing into your very long and very enjoyable retirement.

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