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“Patience you must have, my young Padawan.” - Yoda


“After months of doctor appointments and physio sessions for a painful shoulder, my husband finally talked me into coming to see his own chiropractor, Mette. In one session she not only gave a completely different diagnosis, but instant pain relief and a way forward. Now after a few sessions working on my neck problem I’m back doing the things I love doing – and the garden awaits! Don’t delay!”
Susan Thomson, IT Manager


“Great service for almost three years now. I initially came with lower back pain that was resolved quickly and I have returned on a regular basis to keep this at bay (and also any other aches and pains!) If you have not seen a chiropractor before, you should! I cannot recommend highly enough!”
Russell Thompson, Sales Executive


“Every treatment I have had has been fully and clearly explained to me. The service and treatment could NOT be better. When I came for my first consultation I was struggling to walk any distance, now I am golfing and working as normal. I can’t thank the doctor enough.”
Derek Thackray, Retail


“Everyone in the practice is warm and friendly. All treatment was explained in full and easily understood. My treatment has been successful but should a flare up occur, the receptionists, Irene and Carol, always manage to fit me in (even on arriving on the wrong day at the wrong time!) Jenny my chiropractor is extremely good and very gentle and willing to explain any queries you may have. I shall always attend for treatment in the future.”
Kathleen Gilmartin, Retired


“I always receive a friendly welcome at Bearsden Chiropractic Clinic. From my first appointment I have been well informed and helped to understand my condition. My regular treatments have been of great benefit, and being pregnant these have been adjusted to suit each stage of my pregnancy. I am more than happy with the service I have received and will continue to use Bearsden chiropractors and recommend them also.”
Jennifer Slorach, Nursing Specialist


“I recently stared experiencing severe sudden onset headaches. The NHS were keen to find out what I did not have, but not at all at finding the cause. Mette was able to treat the tension in my shoulders and help with lots of information about potential triggers and getting me to think about them. The headaches have gone but if they return I will come first to Mette.”
Katy Green, Office Worker


“I first visited Bearsden Chiropractic Clinic in November 2009. I was in a great deal of pain and could hardly walk. From the first phone call I was treated really kindly and then my back was treated and I felt so much better. I knew what was wrong and was very hopeful that I would fully recover. I had a few more visits and then I did feel totally recovered. Unfortunately I had another pain in my legs and returned to the practice. Again the courtesy and kindness were wonderful and again after a few visits I was as good as new. I would strongly recommend this practice as a very relaxing and welcoming place to find out what your weakness is and to get treatment to overcome it. My lower back is now much stronger than before and I would have no hesitation about visiting Bearsden Chiropractic Clinic if I ever had an muscular pain.”
Irene Gordon, Civil Servant


“There is always a great welcome on arrival, treatment is always prompt and I always leave feeling better than I arrived. There is a pleasant relaxed atmosphere to put everyone at ease and one or two visits usually has me fit as a fiddle again. I can recommend regular checkups to ensure back pain stays away. I have tried other chiropractors but Bearsden Chiropractic Clinic is the best.”
Brian Hamilton, Police Officer


“I have had a very sore neck and shoulder for some time, I was under a lot of stress at the times and I would get a massage now and again hoping it would help. It did for a little while but it always came back. I used to be sceptical of Chiropractic care until I was treated by Dr Mette Stopa. Mette was able to detect where my ache was coming from by just observing my movement. I visited the practice only three times to feel my neck and shoulders back to normal. Mette, thank you and your lovely team at the Bearsden Chiropractic Clinic, I am now aiming to do a marathon thanks to you.”
Brenda Hodgkins, Florist


“I have been attending Bearsden Chiropractic Clinic for 15 years or so and have always been very satisfied with the treatment I have received. At first I would make an appointment only when my back was ‘out’, but latterly I have attended quarterly to keep things in ‘tip-top’ condition.”
C Denton, Engineer


“As always a very friendly welcome. Your treatment starts as soon as you walk through the door and you already feel relaxed. With the occasional check up I can keep my troublesome back in check.”
Paul Routledge, Software Engineer


“I had been suffering constant back pain for years and after visiting Bearsden Chiropractic Clinic I have never looked back. I can now look forward to being able to exercise more and work in the garden without the fear of suffering back ache afterwards.”
Lesley Lawrie, Secretary


“Very warm welcome and everything explained which I understood easily. The treatment has been great, I can now sit without pain and also no pain when I rise.”
Margaret Dickson, Retired


“I have suffered from lower back and neck pain for a few years and have found regular visits to the chiropractor a great help. It helps to keep my back in good shape so that I no longer have back pain that affects my daily life.”
Maureen Webster, Housewife


“I have suffered from lower back pain and neck problems. The treatment I have received has been very beneficial. I can play golf and participate in exercise pain free. The assessment and treatment was carried out efficiently.”
Keith Small, Local SNP Candidate


“Have always got a warm welcome and have had my treatment explained. Had excellent treatment on lower back pain and frozen shoulder.”
M A Smith, Retired


“I have been attending Bearsden Chiropractic Clinic for a number of years and have found that Dr Stopa always solves any issues that arise. A regular visit prevents any further pain which I find preferable to waiting for a problem to arise and seeking treatment.”
R Stevenson, Firefighter


“I suffered from headaches, shoulder and neck pain. This has almost completely disappeared over the treatment plan. I would thoroughly recommend this practice. The staff are welcoming and friendly.”
W Cameron, Retired


“Over a number of years I have suffered from neck and back pain and received various treatments without much success, but since 2006 I have attended Bearsden Chiropractic Clinic and been treated by Mette and Anna. I am now virtually pain free. I have had no hesitation in recommending my friends and family to the practice for treatment.”
Ellen Wright, Nursery Owner


“I had warm friendly welcome. Treatment is very professional and reliable. I have not seen any other practitioner so cannot compare but the treatment I had is satisfactory.”
Youngsam Kim, Technical Superintendent


“My family members recommended the practice, and I have to say it has been well worth it. My back went into spasm and over the weeks treatment has helped enormously. I hadn’t tried any other treatments but had visions of ending up in hospital before I came here. A lovely warm welcome and very informative at each stage. A big thanks for “sorting” my back.”
S Joshi, Bursary Officer


“Suffering from both back and neck problems, I found the therapists were able to bring about swift improvements to my conditions.”
Ronnie Crawford, Managing Director