Acute and Chronic Back Pain

Acute back pain is defined as that which is of less than four weeks duration. Chronic back pain is that which exceeds twelve weeks.

There are a number of causes of back pain including muscle and joint strains and sprains, poor posture or postural abnormalities, being overweight, different forms of arthritis, trapped nerves, bulging or herniating discs, or fractures.

Acute and Chronic Back Pain

A chiropractor will undertake a full and thorough case history and examination which includes relevant orthopaedic and neurological testing to determine the cause of the pain. If necessary they will also arrange x-rays or other forms of imaging.

The majority of cases can be treated effectively with chiropractic care, however if any underlying pathology is thought to be the cause then the chiropractor will refer as appropriate.

Chiropractic treatment of acute and chronic back pain involves manipulations and mobilisations of the joints of the spine combined with various soft tissues techniques to restore the normal biomechanics, and reduce inflammation and pain.

We also give specific stretch and strengthening exercises to suit your condition.