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Stop Living A Life Limited By Backache

Get Back To What You Love

Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain. It’s a problem that affects millions of people in the UK every year. When your back hurts, many other things suffer too. Simple everyday tasks like getting in and out of a car, putting shoes on, picking up a child, sitting at a desk or standing in a queue for any length of time may become unmanageable.

There are many causes of back pain. Injuries, heavy lifting, ageing, recreational activities, poor posture, pregnancy and the stress of everyday life can all cause back pain. Many people choose to just ‘tough it out’ but there is a better way.

Did you know?

Chiropractors acquire their skills through an intensive 4 or 5-year full-time Uni course, and they are highly trained to diagnose the causes of back pain and provide hands-on treatment that works. Ignoring back pain doesn’t make it go away. In fact, it can make it worse. It’s important to treat not only the symptoms but also the cause.

If back pain is affecting your ability to get through the day and keeping you away from your favourite activities, consider chiropractic care. A Chiropractor is specially trained to find the root cause of your discomfort, diagnose what’s going on, recommend a treatment plan for your recovery and equip you with tools and advice that keep pain and further injury at bay. Stop living a life limited by backache. Get back to what you love.

Getting Back Into Action

Chiropractic care can restore healthy function to your spine and the related muscles and ligaments to get you moving again. Chiropractors are specialists in the adjustment of the vertebrae of the spine and other joints of the body. Adjustment helps to restore normal movement and alleviate pain– so you can enjoy your everyday activities again as quickly as possible. Complications are rare, and side effects such as temporary soreness are usually minor.

Patients Play A Role

The success of any treatment relies on patients playing an active role. Simple things to keep in mind include warming up before and stretching after physical activities,  keeping good posture at the desk and in front of the TV, keeping backpacks and handbags light, lifting objects safely, and stretching after an hour of television viewing or sitting at the computer. We will go through all of this with you when we see you in the clinic.

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