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Pregnancy Related Pain

Many women experience pain and discomfort during pregnancy due to the extra stresses placed on the body, however for some it can become extremely painful and debilitating.Chiropractic care is often recommended for women during pregnancy as it can help to reduce the stresses and strains on the joints and muscles thereby reducing pain. It is a gentle, safe form of treatment and most importantly drug-free.

Many postural changes take place during pregnancy which can cause an increased occurrence of pelvis and spinal joint misalignments and dysfunction. Furthermore the body also releases a hormone called relaxin which softens the ligaments to allow the baby to pass through the birth canal more easily. As a result of this all the joints of the body move more during pregnancy and can therefore become more easily misaligned.

Pregnancy related pain can be experienced in the upper and lower back, hips, groin, legs, or pelvis. It is often low down at the front of the pelvis between the legs and radiating down the inner thighs. The pain may be one sided and may seem to move from side to side. It may also be felt into the buttocks and the legs might feel weak, or there may be a sensation of grinding or clicking over the pubic bones. The pain is often increased by walking, going up or down stairs, turning in bed, or parting the legs.

Pregnancy related pain in the lower back or pelvis is commonly known as pelvic girdle pain (PGP). PGP can occur at any time during pregnancy and even after the baby is born. Due to the increased weight gain and change to the woman’s centre of gravity and posture during pregnancy it is also common to experience pain across the upper back, and into the neck and shoulders.

Chiropractic treatment is great for women during and after pregnancy. It involves gentle spinal adjustive procedures to keep the spine free from misalignments,the joints nice and flexible and the muscles relaxed. This reduces the stresses that lead to pain and it helps to keep the tissues working optimally.

Research has shown that some women who receive chiropractic care through their pregnancy may experience shorter labour times, reduced complications during birth, and a faster recovery.

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