Floyd (the clinic dog)

Floyd is a rescue dog and joined us in 2014.

He is a chocolate coloured working cocker spaniel and he keeps Frida company in the kitchen and garden of the clinic. He needed a little training but at times we do wonder who is training who as everybody in the clinic is now an expert at playing ball and fetch!?!

Garry (Massage Therapist)

Garry is a personal trainer as well as a (damn good) massage therapist. He specialises in DEEP remedial and sports massage and gets right into all those knots and sore/tight muscles. He has done massage on some of the Glasgow Warriors and some of the Scottish rugby ladies who found it reduced pain as well as improved their performance.

Garry may also give you some stretches to be done at home.

Before retraining to become a massage therapist Garry was a cheese merchant for more than 20 years. He definitely knows his ‘Blue Murder’ from his ‘Crowdie’ and what tipple to have with them.…… feel free to put this to the test during your session and please do bring all those cheesy jokes with you 😉

Jenny O’Brien (Doctor of Chiropractic)*

Jenny is a Glasgow lass at heart and joined the clinic in August 2010.

After completing an honours degree in anatomy at Dundee University Jenny moved to the University of Glamorgan in Wales to study chiropractic for 4 years, graduating with Merit. Once a Glasgow lass always a Glasgow lass and she headed back north.

Jenny has since furthered her professional development by completing training in different areas including the treatment of pregnant patients and prenatal yoga. She loves the holistic, natural and drug-free approach of chiropractic, helping individuals to improve their health and quality of life.

In her spare time Jenny enjoys running, yoga, spending time with family and friends as well as long dog walks with her borders terrier called ‘Tina Turner’. We have asked many times and we have our suspicions but Jenny is not admitting whether it’s her or the dog who is the ‘rock chick’!? Will you find out for us please?

* We are Doctors of Chiropractic, not Medical Doctors. We, therefore, take a holistic approach and do not use drugs or surgery in our treatments.

Lynn (Receptionist)

Lynn is originally from Balloch on the bonny banks of Loch Lomond but has lived and worked in several different countries including Japan, Qatar and Ethiopia.

However as “home is where the heart is”, the pull of the lochs ‘n’ glens brought her back to Bonny Scotland (which we are very pleased about). She now lives in Milngavie with her husband, son and two dogs.

In her spare time, Lynn goes for girlie lunches with her friends, walks with her Maltese Terriers Ozzie and Bailey and apparently has perfected the art of making banana bread in the slow cooker – at least that’s what she says, we have yet to taste one! 😉

Julie (Receptionist)

Julie is a local lass and lives in Bearsden with her family and 2 pet dogs, a labrador named Bronti and a cheeky pug Isabella.

Before becoming part of our team Julie worked for many years in financial services – but we won’t hold that against her….. 😉

Her outgoing and friendly personality and her very, very contagious laugh mean Julie will brighten up reception even on a rainy day! And little would you know that she is in fact a total petrol head!! She just loves – and we mean loooooves – all things cars and has been to both Silverstone and the Monaco Grand Prix. If Lewis Hamilton ever walked in we take no responsibility for her actions!!!

Mette Stopa (Doctor of Chiropractic*)

Originally from Denmark but has lived in Scotland for so many years that she is practically Scottish.

After graduating as a chiropractor from the AECC chiropractic school in Bournemouth in 1993 Mette established her clinic in Bearsden, Glasgow. She has undertaken 3 years of postgraduate studies in Holland, London and America with the renowned Carrick Institute and is a qualified Chiropractic Neurologist.

During her free time, Mette enjoys a spot of cooking, long walks and agility competitions with her cocker spaniels and can regularly be found on a Pickleball court at Scotstoun Badminton Academy.

Obsessed by coffee, Mette is currently trying to perfect the art of coffee roasting on her induction hob at home. The independent roasters in Glasgow have nothing to fear unless there is demand for popcorn-tasting coffee!!

*We are Doctors of Chiropractic, not Medical Doctors. We, therefore, take a holistic approach and do not use drugs or surgery in our treatments.

David (Massage Therapist)

David is a personal trainer as well as a massage therapist and has built up quite a fan base over the years. He specialises in deep remedial and sports massage and may give you a couple of stretches/exercises to do at home.

He loves the outdoors and regularly heads up to the Isle of Skye for some serious hill walking, biking and climbing. The clinic’s very own “action man”.

David is the biggest foodie we have ever met and will have tried most restaurants in Glasgow. He’s our resident “Where To Eat Trip Advisor”  and always comes good with a recommendation if you need one.

Lesley (Receptionist)

Lesley lives in Bearsden with her husband, two kids and her babies – the two cats, Peachy and Sherman !

She used to be a Bank Manager and will get us all into trouble if the petty cash is as much as 50 pence out!

Lesley is a very positive person, always happy and smiling. So if you’re having a bad day just pop in and she will have you cheered up in no time

Emmie (the clinic dog)

A black working cocker spaniel named after Emmeline Pankhurst as this little dog has attitude! Although spending much time in the kitchen and garden, Emmie loves a visit from anybody attending the clinic and will happily give a paw! She takes pet-therapy to  higher level!

Sheena Wotherspoon (Doctor of Chiropractic*)

Sheena has travelled extensively, and has lived in both Japan and Australia, but with Glasgow in her blood she was always destined to return.

Sheena has worked in marketing and has an honours degree in Japanese (こんにちは, 元気ですか). She initially utilised her language and marketing skills in the field of diagnostic medical imaging. This sparked an interest in anatomy and the human body and ultimately resulted in Sheena retraining to become a chiropractor after experiencing the benefits of chiropractic firsthand.

In her spare time Sheena enjoys swimming, reading or planning her next parachute jump (despite being scared of flying – how does that work?!!).

*We are Doctors of Chiropractic not Medical Doctors. We therefore take a holistic approach and do not use drugs or surgery in our treatments.