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6 Top Tips to Help Golfers Achieve a Pain-Free Swing

The amateur player may be more at risk than Rory or Tiger but even high profile professional golfers can suffer injuries. The most common causes of injury include; poor technique, inadequate stretching prior and post-match and incorrectly carrying heavy golf bags.

The lower back, neck and shoulders and wrists are the joints most prone to injury due to the
repetitive nature of the golf swing.

1) Electric trolley or dual strap golf bag?
If you insist in carrying your clubs, take advantage of the latest golf accessories specially designed to help, such as lighter bags and the dual strap golf bags to distribute the weight evenly. However a power or electric trolley is by far the safest way to go around.

Also remember to bend carefully from the knees when picking up your golf bag both around the course but also afterwards when putting your trolley into the boot of the car.

2) Warm Up
Spend two or three minutes warming up before teeing off as this helps to prepare the joints and the muscles for exercise and goes a long way in preventing injury.

3) Warm down
Like any sport, a good post game stretch is also required. Stretch the lower back, hamstrings, quads, calves, chest muscles and shoulders.

A good stretching routine will keep you flexible and help you recover quicker after the game as well as prevent injury.

4) Golf shoes
Wear proper shoes for stability and to help avoid twisting the back and hips. And remember to wear them on the driving range as well as around the golf course.

5) Get fit
Start cycling or swimming (front crawl), join the gym and get a golf specific program made or find a yoga or pilates class. The fitter you are and the stronger your core muscles the less likely you are to in jure yourself.

6) Chiropractic Check up:
Get your spine checked over and any joints stiffness and muscle tension eased. Better flexibility means fewer injuries and it may help you get more distance off the tee!

We will also be able to assist you with stretching routine as well as a core strengthening program.

For more information on how Bearsden Chiropractor Glasgow can help you stay in shape for your game, call us on 0141 570 0090.

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